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If you’re like many families, you never seem to have quite enough space for each family member to spread out. To stay within your budget, or maybe to create a more close-knit family you have two or more children sharing a room. As time goes on sharing personal space can create rifts between siblings. To avoid added stress and tension consider employing some shared space solutions to help your family members establish their own space, even in a shared room. Here are some divided ideas to get you started.

Mirroring setup – A simple solution is to just split the room right down the middle. Create mirroring layouts on either side of a shared dresser or desk-space and allow each child to spread out on their half. 

Curtain Wall — You can also divide the room with an actual curtain or screen. A weighted curtain hanging through the center serves as a visual barrier and helps create a sound barrier as well.

Lofted bed — Purchase a pair of lofted beds with built-in desk space underneath. Each child can build out their area and have a place to go that is entirely their own. As children age, you can even install curtains across the bottom of the loft to give them more privacy. 

Divide the closet — Children commonly fight about a sibling's belongings finding their way into their space. This issue is especially true when it comes to closet space. Make sure you establish a separation of closet and storage space (and bathroom if they're sharing one) to help your kids protect their belongings and feel that their stuff is indeed theirs. 

Wireless Headphones — Without purchasing furniture or shelving, you can give your kids a sense of personal space by merely providing them with a way to block out the activities of other family members. Get each of your children a pair of wireless headphones so they can enjoy their music, audio-book or phone entertainment without disturbing each other.

Hold Children Accountable for their space. Separately. — Your daughters might share a room, but both may not be equally at fault for the clutter or lack of cleanliness. A benefit of delineating a separation between their spaces is that it helps you see what each of them is doing, individually. Hold the messy child responsible for their half of the room and positively reinforce the child who is completing their chores. 

Though they might think it so, children to do not need their own rooms to be happy. Learning to share smaller spaces can help your family grow closer. You have to learn more about each other, pay attention to preferences and pet peeves and generally learn to give and take on a more regular basis. Start your kids on the right path to personal growth and family unity by establishing their individual areas and responsibility versus shared family space.

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Posted by Classic Properties REALTORS ® on 9/3/2017

A bedroom is one of the main rooms that people pay attention to when they go house hunting. So much time is spent in this cozy room. Besides your work location, your bedroom is probably the place where you spend the most time. But, two or more bedrooms also makes up a lot of the square footage at a house.

A relaxing mind leads to a goodnight sleep, not simply laying down in a bedroom

If you turn just one to two bedrooms at your house into an all-purpose room, the house that you currently live in could end up meeting your needs. Just as people are downsizing out of traditional homes into small houses, it might be time to consider living without a separate bedroom.

Think about it. You may not need a bedroom if you don't have children. You also might not need a bedroom if your children are grown and have moved out. Other times when you don't need a bedroom include:

  • Your living room is large enough to accommodate a daybed. If you have a Murphy bed or a pull down wall bed in your den or family room, you may not need a bedroom.
  • The basement at your house is large enough to not only fit an entertainment center, but is also big enough to fit a home office and a twin or queen size bed and one to two dressers.
  • The insulation and air flow in your attic is so good that you can't tell the difference between the air in your living room and the air flow in your attic. In this situation, you could use your attic as a bedroom.
  • Because of your back, you prefer to sleep on the floor. Sleeping on the floor could offer you more support than sleeping in a bed. In fact, some people choose to sleep on the floor even if they have a bed and a bedroom.
  • There's an in-law unit attached to the main part of your house. When guests visit, you could offer them a private sleeping space in the in-law unit. During guest free times, you could sleep at the in-law unit yourself.
  • A busy travel schedule keeps you away from home so much that you rarely spend more than two to three months a year at your house.
  • After your adult children left home, your house started to feel too large. If you redesign one or more of your adult children's bedrooms into a home office, entertainment room or hobby area, you might appreciate all of the space at your house instead of regretting that your children have grown up, making your house feel too big.

There are instances when you may not need a bedroom. Give yourself more house space by honestly assessing whether you really need a bedroom. If you're hesitant to consider situations when you can scrap bedrooms, think about great things that you could use one or more bedrooms for. This could motivate you to redesign your bedroom, allowing your house to fill more of your entertainment, work or relaxing needs.

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Posted by Classic Properties REALTORS ® on 12/14/2014

Is your bedroom in need of a slight makeover?  Surprisingly enough, many people don't spend too much time thinking about how their bedroom looks.  How many times have you been on a tour of a friend's new home, and the tour stops short of their sleeping area?  If you don't want to fall into the trap of feeling like your bedroom isn't a "show off" room, then take a few steps to jazz it up a bit. By paying a little attention to a few areas in your bedroom, you can leave that door open with no shame. New Bedding - Depending on your sleeping preferences, your bed may well be the biggest piece of furniture in your home.  Coincidentally, your bedding may also be one of the largest decorations in your home.  Do you like your bedding?  Does it match your home and personality well?  If it leaves you wanting, then consider outfitting your bed with a new bedding set.  With this one improvement, the entire mood of your bedroom can change.  If you can manage to find curtains or drapes that complement your bedding, it will tie your bedroom together in a big way. Floors - Bedrooms may have the least amount of floorspace visible, but that doesn't mean that they should be neglected.  Consider buying a decorative rug for your room.  Or, if you're feeling adventurous, consider installing a new carpet or flooring.  The sky is the limit here, and any change made is likely to be an improvement. Laundry - Piles of unfolded or dirty laundry can be an eyesore. Even a visible laundry hamper is enough to be a distraction.  Consider outfitting your closet door with a hanging laundry basket, or instituting a "no dirty laundry in the bedroom" rule for yourself. Lighting - If you rely solely on overhead lighting in your bedroom, then consider buying a lamp or two.  Lamps will serve to highlight your furniture, as well as create a more relaxing environment.